Endowment Services

Endowment Services

MNZ Endowment Services is part of MNZ Group’s positive Initiative to support humanitarian associations who are working towards various generous causes providing relief support with assistance of developed countries and international practices resulting in successful endeavors. We aim to combine positive sense of contributions, giving hands and awareness of society’s essential requirements. MNZ invites every human being for the opportunity to become a positive contributor to society. Voluntary support for less-fortunate individuals, withstanding lower living standards, uneducated, unhealthy, psychologically challenged, ill-fated, survivors of natural disasters, wars, left with limited resources and are unmindful of human rights. Since we are well aware of the fact that the world will be a highly challenging domain in coming era, our mission is to be prepared for a kind society with helping hands and giving nature to contribute towards not only for the sake of ourselves and good deeds and peace but for our living earth and humanity. With equality that free from racism, nationality or society classification, as everyone deserves a fair chance and that is why MNZ feels that “The Good Deeds add Value and makes difference in the Universe”.

MNZ - Characteristics

  • Sincerity - MNZ’s efforts are determined by sincerity to God to fulfill our obligation to humanity.
  • Excellence - MNZ conducts an excellent superior service which makes a difference in the world. 
  • Compassion - MNZ is compassionate to help and protect life on earth which we believe has paramount importance. So we shall join hands with each other to act as one to respond to the misery, suffering and sadness of any disasters, poverty and injustice with positivity.
  • Social Justice - MNZ works on solid foundation of social justice to enable resources and institutions to help deliver human rights to the poor and vulnerable. We empower the homeless and less fortunate towards realizing their human potential and God-gifted strength to develop their proficiencies and resources. 
  • Custodianship - MNZ took an oath of custodianship and own complete responsibility to deliver its acquired resources in the name of Almighty God. We are accountable and transparent as custodian, we take all the necessary security measure as humanitarian and development practitioner because the level of trust our contributors place in us.


Our Focused Areas:

1. Education & Skills Development:

Education is an irreversible asset, a human right and basic necessity to sustain the path of wisdom. There are still, more than 125 million children and youngsters around the world who cannot go to schools and a further more than 250 million children who cannot adequately read and write and this is the biggest challenge we are facing as an emerging nations because Education is one of the most effective gear to break the cycle of poverty, Our aim is to support Education for every one regardless of their gender, race, religion and nationality. We are not only a part of our international educational support program who is consistently working for the betterment of the education system worldwide but we also highlight and emphasis on the intellectual skill development of an individual because MNZ understand that “Education is An Essential Element for Growth”.


2. Generous Charitable Causes:

 MNZ’s Independent humanitarian program strives to make the world a fairer place for those 3 billion people who are a survivor of poverty, hunger and disease vulnerably. We understand that as fortunate wealthy people we have a social obligation to help the less-fortunate regardless of any race, nationality, political affiliation, gender or beliefs. MNZ actively participates in generous charitable causes which are beneficial for needy as well as for contributors because it is equally helpful for the people to fulfill their basic needs as well as it will be constantly bountiful for the contributor’s long lasting good deeds and spirituality, we spend these donations openheartedly and especially in the Children’s Basic Education and Skill Development Program, Maintenance of Schools, Institutions and Holy Places, Tree Planting, Boreholes, Water Filters, Lifesaving Healthcare Facilities and Other Emergency Aid and Relief Program to help build a better future. MNZ Trusts that “Charity Purifies Wealth and Spiritually”. 


3. Community Support:

MNZ has undertaken the responsibility to provide vital services to protect community from natural disasters, deliver life-saving medical and emergency aid with lasting routes out of poverty, and empower the vulnerable community to transform their lives. Our national and international affiliated partners, donors and field officers help us by collecting and recycling clothes, shoes and other stuff. We also conduct charitable activities, largely related to food for aid purposes. Inspired by our faith and directed by our moral values, we envision a world where communities are empowered, social obligations are fulfilled and people respond as one to the suffering of others, our sincere approach is to transform communities worldwide with sustainable schemes, integrated policies, unconditional love, regardless care and we believe that sharing happiness is the key factor of peace and humanity. MNZ believes that “Humanity is Peaceful.”


4. Committee Fund Support:  

MNZ approaches with a higher aim to focus on debt free financial freedom within the limited income of an individual. We are well aware of this demanding era where we are facing debts and financial crises repetitively. In Committee fund support we collect the contribution from our contributors on a monthly basis to get a big amount in hand, with this sum of amount particular member can settle defaulted credit, loans, mortgages any kind of debts, or may achieve other financial goals. We organized this committee fund for mutual interests, we systematically collect and handover the sum of collected amount to the respective member in their respective fixed month in order for them to avoid paying high interests to the financial institutes.  With the combined strength of our focused committed members and with the efforts our of trustworthy dedicated fund manager we have managed a trustworthy long lasting relationship filled with sincerely, honestly and transparent practice. It has enabled us to build our confidence, to manage these funds successfully from two decades with complete satisfactory results and success stories with the grace of Almighty. MNZ is inspired by the idea of “Debt Free Financial Lifestyle is Real Freedom.”


5. Relief Aid Programme:

MNZ is dedicated towards the relief programme which is an essential immediate area to focus on such as War Zones Relief, where lives are saved and individuals are motivated and consoled to start again. A Natural Disaster Relief, where we are responsible for helping the needy and homeless to start-up a new chapter of their life. MNZ is also working on a platform where we support and develop the skills of unfortunate and incomplete human beings under Handicap Relief, we have always heard that old is gold but mostly we are unaware of the treasure of experiences that our senior citizens can share and contribute with Old Age Relief, We appreciate when justice is served as criminals should be punished as hard as their crimes but there is always a family who is left suffering, panelised and miserable for which we have Prisoner Relief Aid. MNZ strives to build a better society, we “Always Join Hands for a Better Tomorrow and Brighter Future”.